About our clocks!

The finer things in life are on this site. Imagine having a complex instrument like one of the clocks on the following pages, and having your own personal clock smith to take care of that clock for you, for two years after the date of purchase. That is what you get when you purchase one of these clocks. While we cannot put a warranty on parts, such as main springs, and platform escapements, we can, and do, place a warranty on parts we manufacture, workmanship, the overhaul, cleaning and labor. This warranty is for two years after the purchase of the clock, and applies to only mechanical and electric-mechanical clocks. It does not cover battery operated quartz clocks. Most mechanical and electric-mechanical clocks will need to be oiled after 5 years and overhauled again after 8 to 10 years.


Welcome to the ClockSmith Home Page.

We repair clocks of all shape, size, make and model, including:

  • Weight driven clocks

  • Spring driven clocks

  • Electric-mechanical clocks

  • Atmospheric clocks

  • Anniversary clocks

We specialize in the repair of:

  • Grandfather and grandmother clocks

  • Cuckoo clocks

All of our clocks are:

  • Overhauled and cleaned

  • Bronze bushings installed

  • Pivots and movement plates polished

We Think Clocks!

Our Clock Smith more than years experience There is not a clock movement that he cannot fix.

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